[A lith print is a photographic printing process that uses standard black-and-white photographic paper with lithographic developer (often heavily diluted standard developer) to produce a print with dark shadows and soft, bright highlights. Tones, colors, and subtle hues different from standard black-and-white print can be achieved.][1]

After more than 25 years of both slide and digital photography, I discovered lith for myself. While digital technology has its challenges, I currently appreciate the creative involvement necessary for black & white photography, especially with an older medium format camera. Lith enables me to show hard shadows as well as soft highlights and every photo is unique. A darkroom session combines 20 minutes of boredom with 15 seconds of panic while trying to snatch the perfect point to terminate development. I enjoy the simplicity of lith and its ability to archive new results through creative experimenting. Lith amplifies structures that would otherwise be lost.